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The systems are the work of a team of computer science experts with share registration industry background. And together with the help of company secretaries, the systems has been fine-tuned to meet the exact needs of share registrars.

For more than 25 years, the systems have withstood the test of time and have been accepted by many share registrars and public listed companies as the current users. Progressively the softwares have also been upgraded to cater for new user needs and statutory requirements. All its current users will continue to benefit from the upgrades.

support_agent Support Guaranteed

We are a very customer-oriented company. We believe the best support is the fundamental to build the client's confidence in us.

dns Integrated System

All the modules are integrated and the information/data need only be recorded once. Once data is stored, all related business processes, files, transactions, etc are automatically updated to reflect the new status. This ensures complete data integrity.

manage_accounts Localized

The software is designed to meet all the requirements.

app_registration Flexible

We listen to our customer and what the market needs. We are willing to customize the software to meet our customer's expectation.

Our Mission

Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd is incorporated with a very basic mission:

"Delivery of Best-of-Breed Products and Services"

We share a common vision with our customers. In this era of digitalization, our customers want to operate their business efficiently and productively; while we select the correct technology for our customers, Hence with the right tools, they can be steps ahead of their competition. We are driven by our Company's objective to deliver only best-of-breed products and services. This is achieved by strictly adhering to Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd's set of established rules and methodology. Our partnership with our customers is modeled on the customer-oriented culture of our Asian heritage - one based on long-term partnership and the highest level of customer service and support. Based on this framework, Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd offers its products and services.

About Us

Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd was set up by a team of IT professionals who have been in the Share Registration Industry for more than 25 years. Mr. Danon Kung is the Executive Director and his years of experience within the Share Registration Industry has been invaluable in his understanding of the real and exact needs of the share registrars and the problems, concerns and working environment of the share registration business processes. The insight and practical approach enable him to understand the actual requirement of the share registration business processes very well.

Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd is the original developers of the Share Registration System (Foxpro version) which was widely used by the Share Registration Industry in Malaysia during the 1990s to present.

Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd was appointed by another registrar to co-develop the next version of Share Registration System (“SRS”) which was a Windows-based application and it took less than 2 years to be fully operational. This swiftly set an industry-leading example for the rest.

The domain name of is registered under MYNIC (Reg. No.: D1A119533). Digerati Technologies Sdn Bhd provides an online platform to conduct 100% virtual AGM/EGM.





Custom Application

D-AGM: AGM/EGM Meeting System

  • Proxy forms and shareholders registration fully integrated into one system. The system will automatically authenticate the shareholders details.
  • Poll forms with barcode and QR code
  • Touch-screen capabilities.
  • Simple & fast registration
  • Invitation email blasting
  • Effortless participation for panelists
  • Two-tier voting and dynamic resolution voting
  • Support live Q&A session
  • Live instant result
  • Single button generation of reports
  • Support 100% virtual AGM/EGM with full remote support to conduct the meeting
  • Support hybrid meeting (physical + virtual)

D-SRS: Share Registration System

  • Comply with the requirements of the statutory authorities.
  • Fulfil the share registration requirements of Public Listed Companies on Bursa.
  • Modules to perform Share Transfer / Split, Dividend, Right Issue, Bonus Issue, Special Issue, Bonds, Warrant, ESOS etc.

D-ESOS: Employee Share Option Scheme Management System

  • Monitor the share entitlement for each staff in terms of acceptance, suspension and entitlement.
  • Handle multiple companies (subsidiary)
  • Handle multiple scheme and options
  • Manage each option with up to 10 years of option exercise period
  • Print Letter of Offer, acceptance forms, acceptance certificate and grant of option, Register of Options and option statements
  • Keep track of employee financing of options
  • Comply with income tax reporting
  • Manage vesting condition for allocated options.
  • Generate other ESOS reporting

Custom Application Software Development

  • Strategic online website as business model including social media to drive business potential
  • Develop tailor-made softwares according to user specification and requirements.
  • Provide professional services including IT consulting and system integration implementation for our client.

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